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7 Truly Sri Lankan Foods reuters

Sri Lanka is known for its beautiful beaches, hospitality, spices, cricket, tea, wildlife and of course the cuisine. Our food really is quite unlike any other. I’m sure we’re all guilty of going abroad and sometimes craving the taste of our Lankan food more than the presence of any of our loved ones. It’s really quite understandable considering the flavoursome variety of delectable food that we are used to having on a daily basis. So here’s a list of a very few quintessential Sri Lankan foods that have shaped our lives.

Other than Kawum, Kokis, Kiribath, what else Truly Lankan Food.. Here some..


Ah kottu, a staple of any Lankan food list but not without good reason. Made using cut up godhamba roti mixed with meat and/or vegetables, its preparation varies from spicy to cheesy or both. Fair warning however, the proper spicy versions of kottu are not for the fainthearted! Loved by young and old alike, this mouth-watering dish has enough standing in our country to warrant it being named the national food of Sri Lanka. God knows enough homage is paid to it every week after a late night out.

Bombai Mutai

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If the tinkle of a little bell didn’t run through your mind when you read those words, you’re doing Sri Lanka wrong. The bombai mutai “uncles” made their rounds when schools let out, around residential areas and even on the main roads; ringing the bells, alerting the people of the opportunity to satisfy their sweet tooth. This delicacy literally melts in your mouth and when paired with the wafer that usually comes with it, is a true delight.

Kimbula Banis

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The sound of the paan uncle’s vehicle brings with it joy in the form of an assortment of baked goods. One of them, a favourite amongst us Lankans, is the famous kimbula banis which is named after crocodiles because of its extended shape. With a coating of sugar on top, slightly crispy on the outside, and soft and light on the inside, it’s like heaven in your mouth.


Hoppers or aappa are usually identified as something you have for dinner, but let’s be real, we have it whenever we can. Its crispy, delicious outside and soft, squishy middle appeal to us all. And it’s available everywhere, from our homes to the little saivar kadés, to the five star restaurants all over our country. Oh and of course not to forget the stroke of genius that is the egg hopper!

Seeni-butter sandwiches

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The epitome of school interval lunches! Most Lankans have a soft spot in our hearts for this simple, nonetheless yummy food. Even though it’s literally just butter and sugar applied on two slices of bread, we can’t seem to get enough of seeni-butter sandwiches. An example of a classic Sri Lankan food, we fell in love with it as kids and continue to think it’s all that even as adults.  

Roti with Strawberry Jam

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Way back when, in her hurry to come up with an easy to make and (somewhat) healthy meal for her kids, a frantic amma thought of this pairing. Let’s loosen our belts a little, in respect to this lady as we stuff our faces with more roti and strawberry jam. You know, I can’t quite put my finger on it but this combination really does it for us Sri Lankans, and this particular food which is reminiscent of our childhood, always hits the spot. 


It would be almost blasphemous to not include achcharu in a list about Lankan food. This condiment is a sure-fire way of adding flavour to our meals. Not all achcharu is made the same as it differs according to vegetables/fruits used and the household it comes from but you know that they all taste equally amazing. Passed down from generation to generation, it’s cherished by all and is a favourite all over our island.

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